How to choose the best leather sofas for your home?

There’s nothing like walking into a cozy, welcoming home after an insanely tiring day. There’s no denying that your home furnishing is what ultimately sets the mood and infuses life into your interior. This is why it always pays off to invest a good deal of time and energy into selecting nothing but the very best accessories, ornaments and furniture when it comes to your home, regardless of your decoration theme. Whether you want to hire a professional to take care of your interior or indulge in some DYI, you can’t deny that the living room is basically the heart of the home. Not only does the living room set the tone for the rest of the house but it’s also the easiest room to decorate, no matter how big or small it is.

When decorating the living room, most people start off with the sofa. Of course, there’s a whole variety of materials and fabrics to choose from for your living room sofa, but the majority of people opt for leather. Durable and extremely resistant to different types of wear and tear, leather sofas are available in a wide range of colors and styles, hence enabling you to completely customize your interior.

bonded leather sofas

Quality is Everything

If you’re on a restricted budget, you can of course choose a lower-grade leather sofa for your home. However, bear in mind that these are not meant to last, which means that you might need to replace it after a mere few years. Lower-quality leather is also susceptible to spills and stains which can completely wreck the surface of your sofa. Home owners who are trying to tighten the purse strings might want to check out pigmented leathers. These are among the least expensive type of leather and they are quite resistant to scuff marks. Pigmented leather sofas, armchairs and couches are also excellent options for families with pets and children.

This is why it’s always a good idea to splurge on higher-grade leather sofas. When shopping for your leather sofa online, be sure to carefully read the product description to know exactly what you will receive. If this is your first time buying a leather sofa, don’t hesitate to consult a professional who can guide you through the different models and consequently help you find the best one that will suit your needs, purposes and budget.

Types of Leather used for Furnishing

Before choosing the best leather sofa for your home, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different types of leather that are commonly used for furnishing. Here are the most coveted choices:

  • Faux leather: This is your best option if you’re looking for a good-quality albeit inexpensive leather sofa for your home. Just like the name suggests, this is not bona-fide leather but it is one of the most popular choices for couches and sofas. This material is man-made and has been known to widely improve your sofa’s level of comfort. Identical to real leather, this material is also durable and is made from synthetic items such as rubber-coated fabrics and plastic.
  • Bi-Cast: If you’re wondering how to choose the best leather sofas for your home when you’re trying to keep a watch on the purse strings, rest assured that Bi-cast leather is even less expensive than faux leather. Best of all, it looks identical to top grain leather. However, it is important to know that this material wears off very easily and tends to peel and crack with friction. Bi-Cast leather sofas should only be used on a temporary basis because they have an average lifespan of around 5 years. Bi-Cast leather sofas are commonly made by adhering split grain to sheets of polyurethane color.
  • Nubuck: When shopping for a leather sofa, be sure to check out some models made from Nubuck leather. This basically consists of top-grade cattle rawhide which has been buffed or sanded. The finish is actually not so different to suede or velvet, which provides a soft and comfortable seating. It has a fairly uniform finish thanks to the finish agent which is commonly sprayed across the surface. Compared to full-grain leather sofas, Nubuck is fairly affordable albeit fragile. It is still among the cheapest types of leather used for furnishing. If you’re opting for a Nubuck leather sofa for your home, be sure to keep it away from any moisture or humidity to maximize its lifespan.
  • Split Grain Leather: Split grain leather sofas tend to be fragile and may not withstand a lot of wear and tear. Having said that, these sofas are quite affordable which may be ideal for new homeowners. Split grain leather sofas are also harder than higher-quality ones. They are prone to wear-and-tear though so caution should be exerted around these sofas. They also have a rather short lifespan.
  • Full Grain Leather: Among the best-quality leather sofas, full-grain leather involves using the whole hide as opposed to just layers. It undergoes very little treatment, other than just removing the fur that can occasionally be found on the epidermis. Afterwards, the material is soaked in vegetable dye or some other type of natural dye. Because the material undergoes no finishing or polishing, full grain leather sofas may display some imperfections. On the other hand, they are extremely durable and rarely display creases or scruff marks. In fact, this material grow more comfortable with time, which is why it makes the best leather sofas for your home. Because they are among the best-quality leather sofas on the market, these can be quite expensive.
  • Bonded: Bonded leather sofas are manufactured by mixing different types of fibers and leather scraps which are held together by adhesives. Drying equipment may also be used during the manufacturing process to absorb any excess moisture. If you would like to invest in a bonded leather sofa, bear in mind that not all experts consider this to be real leather. This is why in some stores it is not even marketed as leather. Still, it looks identical to the real thing and is impressively durable, considering its affordable price tag.

Other factors to consider

When you’re choosing the best leather sofas for your home, it is also important to factor in your color palette. Genuine leather furniture are usually only available in darker hues but if you’re going for lower-grade or faux-quality leather, you can spruce things up by going for pastel tones such as pale pink, salmon, beige, blue or even green.

Size is another crucial element that should influence your decision when shopping for a leather sofa. If you have plenty of floor space, don’t hesitate to accessorize your sofas with either matching or contrasting furniture, depending on your personal preferences. Glass coffee tables and thick beige rugs, for instance, will immediately bring a polished and classy look when paired with a dark-colored leather sofa. For a more eclectic look, don’t hesitate to pair your set of leather sofas with a wrought-iron coffee table or wrought-iron side tables. For a more harmonious look, you can also go for matching leather accents and furniture. When shopping for leather sofas, do try to stay away from used furniture since these often tend to be crinkled and creased.